Farmers' Wives

Each locality in our region has its own unique traditional dress reflecting the rich history and time-honored traditions of South Tyrol’s people. Centuries ago, they served to symbolically unify the community and to provide order. Today, they are still worn on special occasions. They display the bond which the people have to their homeland and their traditions.
In Olang/Valdaora, maintaining these old traditions is not viewed as a duty to be discharged, but as a privilege shared by young and old alike. Thus, the residents of Olang/Valdaora can often be seen wearing their colorful traditional garb not only at special celebrations and processions, but even on normal Sundays. Wearing these traditional clothes is an act of both love and respect.
For the residents of Olang/Valdaora, it is an expression of their bond with their homeland, their civic pride, and their deep roots in the community – for vacationers visiting our town, it is evidence of the harmony and originality characterizing this area. For some, it satisfies a nostalgic yearning for a simpler and gentler time, while others are amazed by such a commitment to tradition and display of cultural identity.
Most of the farmhouses in South Tyrol can look back on a lengthy history. The houses in each region display their own unique architectural styles and traditions, which even laymen can appreciate. In Olang/Valdaora, life is still as it should be: The typical appearance of the ancient farmsteads and rustic Alpine huts gives each neighborhood its own identity.
Celebratory processions, parades, religious holidays, festivals, and traditional events take place throughout the year.
Especially on holidays and at family celebrations, our local farmwomen enjoy wearing the Puschtra traditional garb. This traditional dress has a rich history and is thus still very much alive in Olang/Valdaora.
South Tyrol and thus also Olang/Valdaora is an ancient cultural landscape characterized by a rich agricultural history which has influenced in particular its cooking.
What? You aren’t familiar with “Nigelan,” “Tirtlan,” or “Tschottblattlan?”
That’s not a problem! Just let us introduce you to the secrets of rural cooking! Our “Olang/Valdaora Pastry Festival” – organized by the town’s farmwomen – is an ideal opportunity to learn just how delicious traditional dishes can be!
Eating Out: In Olang/Valdaora, you’ll find the “right” restaurant or country inn to suit your personal tastes:
Would you prefer to dine in an elegant atmosphere or celebrate a special occasion in the proper setting? Would you like to try some of our mouthwatering local dishes in the matching authentic surroundings? How about enjoying traditional cooking against the one-of-a-kind backdrop of the Dolomites? In Olang/Valdaora, you’ll find the “right” kind of cuisine to suit your tastes. That’s because the cultural spectrum to be found here offers a wide variety of culinary delights as different as the people themselves:
It doesn’t matter whether you prefer local cooking, Italian cuisine, or international dishes: Our restaurants, pizzerias, pastry shops and cafes, pubs, rustic eateries, Alpine huts, and Alpine inns are constantly doing everything they can to accommodate your wishes and to serve you the finest dishes they can.

Farmers' Wives


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