Fire in Mitterolang, Peter Sigmayr, "Das Lied vom Tharerwirt" ("The Song of the Tharer Host")
The fire in Mitterolang (1904)

It happened on a hot summer day, on 20th July 1904. Suddenly a fire broke out in Mitterolang, and within a short time it burned to ashes the most of the village.
Children had been playing with matches, the Krämerhof´s barn caught fire, and it spread out rapidly. At that time most of the farmers were out in the woods. The fire brigades of the surrounding villages arrived as fast as they could, but they were not able to control it. Due to drought and lack of water the fire spread all over the village, and within a short time 45 out of 50 houses and the church burnt down. The bells fell down the spire. The heat was unbearable.
Thanks to the help of population of the Puster Valley, and the provincial as well as the Italian government, the village got rebuilt within a couple of years.

Peter Sigmayr – the Tharer host in Olang (1808)

a South Tyrolean martyr and hero who loved the children.
Peter Sigmayr was born in 1775 in Mitterolang. His father was the host of the Tharer Inn in Mitterolang, (The old inn was destroyed in the fire of 1904). On 7th February 1809 Peter Sigmayr married Elisabeth Messner from Antholz. His life would have been an ordinary and serene one, if 1809 would not have been a decisive and dramatic on for the region of the Tyrol. Tyrol got defeated by Napoleon, and in 1805 the region passed under the dominion of Bavaria, allies of Napoleon in the French-Austrian war. Political and religious freedom was oppressed, and even the name was banned. In April of 1809 the Tyrolean people rose against the foreign supremacy. Andreas Hofer, the host of the "Sandwirt", led the rebellion, and Peter Sigmayr joined him as lieutenant of the "Schützen". When the French soldiers arrested Sigmayr´s father, Peter Sigmayr surrendered. He was convicted to death by shooting, and on 14th January 1810 he was executed at the entrance of Mitterolang. Since then Peter Sigmayr, together with Andreas Hofer, is revered as a great hero of Tyrol´s history. 

The Song of the Tharer Host

The Tharer host of Olang,
Was a good and honest son,
The French wanted him,
But he hid himself in the mountains.

So they proclaimed:
"If the rebel does not surrender,
His father will have to pay for him".

The Tharer host from Olang
Immediately came down the mountains:
"General, free my old father,
And take me instead of him".

The old father cried in despair:
"Why do you surrender?
You have a young wife at home,
Who loves you".

"God may be with you, father.
My dear wife, I say good bye to you.
You must honor your parents,
So it is deemed in Tyrol.

They shot him,
He was lying in his blood.
And the people of the valley
Praised his bravery.

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