Snowpark Kronplatz

South Tyrol’s Ski Mountain No.1 with South Tyrol’s Snow Park No. 1

Located directly off the Belvedere cable car peak station on 2230 m, the Kronplatz Easy Park is a sun-spoilt fun factory! It's great for kids, beginners and everyone else brave enough the let off some steam on the park's 800 m easy line.

Here are the hard facts:

Altitude at the top: 2230 m
Altitude at the bottom: 2060 m
Difference in altitude: 170 m
Length: 750-800 m
Total surface: 18,000 m²
Equipment: 1 line (easy)

5 kicks (table of up to 3 m)
4 boxes (straight, straight long, a-frame and a kinked box)
2 rails (straight and a-frame)
1 truck tyre
1 straight industry pipe

Further information:

Snowpark Kronplatz


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